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The tooth and its surrounding tissue may be tender for several days. This is a result of the combined effects of your condition prior to treatment and the root canal therapy performed.

  • DO NOT apply any pressure to the tooth or teeth under treatment for the next few days. The irritation caused by the root canal treatment is like a bruise and chewing will only further aggravate the situation. Your diet should consist of morsels of firmer foods you can control. Be careful to avoid the treated tooth. After the initial few days following treatment, you may start a soft diet working your way back to normal function.
  • Minor soreness may be best relieved by taking 3-4 ibuprofen, (Advil or Nuprin), 4 times a day or 2 Aleve 3 times a day for the next few days. Take Tylenol if the anti-inflammatory medication cannot be used. Many times throbbing aches can be greatly reduced by applying an ice pack to the face for short intervals. If prescribed, take your antibiotic as directed. If necessary, fill and use the prescription for the pain medication that you may have been given. Take only as needed.
  • Use warm salt water rinses (as often as you can), a cup of warm water to a teaspoon of salt and rinse around infected area.
  • Brush as you normally do

Should severe pain persist or swelling develop, please call our office at (800) 289-8211.